Flash designs bring out specific emotions to your audience. With animated navigation and objects amongst an array of sound effects to join, a website comes alive with interactivity. Flash is a large portion of our business practice and what you may call "Our Specialty". We are one of few companies on Long Island who specialize ourselves in Flash Web Design.

Our designers can take the content of your business and transform it into a audible and visual experience. Most high level Executives make presentations with Power Point software. Essentially, we use the same concepts but on the Internet. Amaze your clientele with a Flash web presence. Contact us for a free estimate.

If you are not looking for all the animation and sounds, etc. for your website then an HTML website is what you're looking for. Some believe that plain is better and more professional rather than "bells & whistles". We cater to your needs as well with just the right amount of graphic design and color matching schemes to please the eye to help get the content across.

With smaller scale websites (3-8 pages), we can even create database driven pages using PHP and MySQL ,that let the client update some of the pages like events pages or calendars. We guarantee that your website will look as professional as the "Big Guys". Don't be afraid to astound your audience with style. Contact us for a free estimate.

Every business should have print advertising whether it be in a magazine, pennysaver, newspaper or maybe a brochure.

The first step of any advertising campaign is coming up with an eye catching design that focuses the audience on what you want them to. That's where we come in. From conception to implementation, we are there to make sure that you look your best when hitting the public. We have made several successful print designs that have turned business around for our clients. We love using vibrantly warm color schemes with a very inviting look. Crisp and clean is the only way we like it.

Our next generation conceptions can carry your business to new levels of advertising. Our designs are for people that want the best. Contact us for a free estimate.