Welcome to Style Peak Web Design & Development. We are located in Long Island, NY . We specialize in making websites better than the competition. Every website that we make is completely custom and to the spec of the customers needs. You can look bigger than your competition on the internet. That is what we are here for. From concept & planning to design and implementation we take you effortlessly through the process explaining the steps along the way. Our web designers are trained in HTML, Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks and several other 3D applications. We also implement MySQL database applications that require knowledge of PHP.

Let us take you on a journey in which your web presence will be remembered by your customers as well as your competition. If you are a Long Island business and are in need of a new website or even some new flyers or brochures, we can help.

Already have a website? 99 times out of 100 we can improve on your design making your site more interactive and vibrant so that people want to show their friends. We only make attractive sites that 100% completely custom. Long Island Web Design at it's finest.


Schreiber & Senatore Associates needed to stand out amongst their competitors on the internet. They chose the right long island web designers at Style Peak. All of their clients have said they loved the new site and showed all of their friends on Long Island. All of a sudden, they were getting hits on their website like crazy. They have gotten new jobs just because they have an attractive look now as well as interactivity on the site. When we keep talking about interactive content, we mean things that people can do on the site (letting them feel in control).


For example. On this SSA website, people can look through the photo galleries of past and present jobs that they have done. This is a perfect showcase for their design work and is extremely easy for them to update. It is no doubt that SSA now makes a bold statement on the internet with their new website blowing away the competition. We don't only offer website design but also web hosting at an affordable price.